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ECOLIGHT Ltd. is an innovative Russian various low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturer, operating under the ECOLIGHT brand. Since 2015, the company has developed and launched a new Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) with a unique operation algorithm. This latest iteration will help reduce the number of fires caused due to electrical main faults by more than a factor of two.


To the history of the TUMOV brand.


History knows many cases when a certain combination of circumstances, not positive may be, led to the inventions of new devices make our lives much safer. Arc breakdown is one of the main causes of fires occur due to malfunctions in electrical circuits and electrical appliances. Moreover, used both in Russia and in most countries all over the world for many years’ automatic breakers (MCB, RCD, RCBO) do not provide the necessary level of protection against such fires. A team of specialists led by A. Mkrtumov found the solution to this problem. The reason for the research was a fire in his own house. Based on the results of the conducted research, an original algorithm of the device operation and the main circuit solutions for its implementation were proposed. The equipment for testing the product for compliance with the international standard IEC 62606 and the test benches of the device subsystems were created in parallel during its production. The first release of AFDD by Ecolight under the name UZIs (Arc Protection Device) has issued in 2015. The brand TUMOV is based on the most easily pronounced part of the surname MkrTUMOV. A tribute of deep respect is paid to a modern scientist, an engineer of the widest range of technical issues, whose topics of personal developments and developments under his leadership have been brought to practical implementation.
Alexander Mkrtumov. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Curriculum Vitae.
1971 – graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University;
1977 – Ph.D. thesis defense. The title of the thesis is nonlinear interaction of oscillatory modes in multifrequency generators;
1989 – ensuring the organization of the institute's researches in terms of conducting comparative tests on its basis by an international group of experts of Japanese and European HDTV systems;
1989-2003 – Director at the All-Union Research Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting;
2008 – Doctor of Technical Sciences thesis defense. The main topic is the methods of express analysis of video and sound quality parameters of studio paths of program production with the help of universal test files proposed in it;
Awarded by the badge "Honorary Radio Operator". More than 100 scientific articles and reports at conferences. Co-author of the monograph "Shooting and preparation of video materials in TV production" (2000). Authorship of more than 20 inventions in various fields of technology.
Manufactured according to Ecolight Ltd. design documentation.
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